Bild Creative


Brand Identity Process

While each project is unique, this following is an overview of my general process so that you can get an idea of what working together will look like. A more detailed process specifically catered to your project will be provided. 


Prospective clients will complete a thorough questionnaire about their project and specific objectives in order to understand your goals and determine if we'll be a good fit to work together. 

I look to work with companies, large or small, who have a clearly defined project that they have put thought into and are passionate about. After looking over the questionnaire and I think we're a good fit, we'll get on the phone to discuss the details of the project further. I'll cover any follow-up questions and we'll discuss goals and expectations in more depth. 


Consultation & Agreement

  • Establishing Roles and Enabling Trust

At this stage, it's important to clearly establish and understand the roles and the project workflow.

The client should be confident in my professional abilities to execute and deliver a solution that meets the goals of the project. 

No one knows more about their own business than the client, and at this stage I welcome input relative to the inner workings of the client's business/project and industry knowledge.

  • Establishing Goals

Establishing clear goals is crucial to the success of the project. We will have a thorough discussion to pinpoint the specific details that are necessary to delivering a successful solution. 

  • Pricing
    Once I have all the necessary and relevant information, I can create an accurate estimate for the project. It's important to understand the scope of the work and what problems we're trying to solve before I can submit a price quote. 
  • Proposal & Agreement

With information from the initial questionnaire and individual discussions, I'll send a proposal outlining the agreed upon goals and terms of the agreement. Work starts as soon as the signed agreement is returned and deposit is taken care of. 


Creative Process

  • Research
    I dive further into the client's business and research their market, including their target audience as well as competitors. I analyze and identity what has worked, what doesn't, and what kind of opportunities exist in the space. From here, the basic direction will start to materialize. 

  • Concepts
    At this stage, I keep in mind the goals of the project as well as my own market research to generate ideas and create thumbnail sketches and develop initial concepts.
  • Selection
    The final direction is chosen based on the clearly defined project goals and my professional expertise. Executing a successful projects means looking at the project objectively, making choices and giving up concepts that won't be the most effective solution. 
  • Refine
    I spend a lot of time re-sketching and iterating on the chosen concept - This is where the concept really comes to life. I'll then refine by hand until it's as close as possible to the final product.  I usually leave at this stage and return with fresh eyes to spot and correct any inconsistencies.
  • Digitize
    The final sketch is inked, scanned and digitized in Adobe Illustrator. Final tweaks and adjustments are made here as-needed and the design is reviewed to ensure legibility and scalability.  

Final Product & Delivery

  • Case Study & Deliverables
    Once complete, I send a detailed case study with an overview of the process. The case study will explain the design decisions that were made and how those decisions objectively fulfill the project goals. Once the final invoice has been taken care of, the deliverables are sent to the client .

I have improved my process through years of experience working with clients and plenty of learning opportunities along the way. Sticking to the process outlined above is the best way to ensure a healthy and happy professional-client relationship and a killer project!