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Metal & Match: Branding Case Study


Metal & Match is a San Francisco based catering company and brainchild of industry veterans, Ted Wilson, Christine Wells and Scott Peterson.


The seasonally-minded company focusses on providing rustic, refined cuisine with a modern twist for events at historic venues, setting a new standard for it's competition across the Bay Area. 


Metal & Match needed a visual brand mark that would reflect the artisanal approach and attention to detail, and also reflect the energy and attitude of the owners in order to attract a new demographic looking for event catering without alienating the more traditional, older audience. The brand mark needed to also stand out next to competitors on event venue marketing materials and pitch decks. 


Exploring hand drawn type found on vintage matchbooks, handmade store signage and packaging moved the project in the right direction. I sketched out pages of thumbnails to work through different styles and ideas. There were a lot of common themes with branding amongst their local competitors, and breaking away from those was important in representing the brand in a unique way.

I really enjoyed sketching out different directions for this project, and eventually landed on a few styles that would work well with the goals set for the project. The decision was between a monoline script wordmark, and type of badge logo that was a bit heavier. 

Through input from the team, I got to work re-sketching and refining the badge logo and working hard to get the type feeling right. The first few versions were a bit too round, so I sharpened the angles and edges with each draft.

Refining the lettering before digitizing

Refining the lettering before digitizing

Inking the final sketch

Inking the final sketch

Vectorizing the Type in Illustrator:

I spent a lot of time sketching over my drafts to get the physical version as close to the final product as possible, before scanning and pulling it into illustrator. After numerous edits, the type was ready to be scanned and digitized in Adobe Illustrator. 

At this point, I was able to make changes to some of the angles and even out the type. Once I was done vectorizing the type, I slightly rounded the corners to keep the hand-drawn look and add more to the vintage vibe. 

The process from sketch to vector

The process from sketch to vector

Final Solution:

The final logo is bold, modern and full of energy. The custom type and textures add a vintage and industrial feel to the otherwise bold and modern logo. The Metal & Match brand will be bringing a refreshing and much needed new face to a traditionally conservative sector. 

The branding system includes a badge style lock-up logo, a simplified stamp style logo and two text-based styles that aren't confined to a shape.