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Bild Brush Pen Lettering - Process


A look at the process of hand lettering and vectorizing this project for Bild. I'm going to run through the tools used and step by step from sketch to vectorized type. 

I'm new to working with brush pens so this project helped me practice and get the feel of some new pens I've been using. 


After draining a couple pens and writing BILD more times than I can count, I found a style that I was pretty happy with.

I scanned it into the computer, adjusted the layout a but in Photoshop and printed it out to trace over and refine further. 

I like to refine the type as much as possible by hand before vectorizing the type to keep the integrity of the letterforms without relying too much on the computer. 


I made some visual notes and adjustments while tracing and filling in the brush pen lettering before scanning it back into the computer to digitize it. 


 I gave my eyes a rest for a bit and came back to it the next day to make some final adjustments to the kerning, shape of the bowl on the B, the dot on the i, etc...  Final product below:

The final product

The final product