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The Food Joy - Branding Case Study

 I was approached to create an identity for an NYC based blog called, The Food Joy, which showcases great recipes and restaurant reviews. 

Nina, the owner, came to me for a vintage inspired, hand-lettered design. She wanted a strong logo that was also more on the feminine side. Based on the initial meetings, I started my research and and got to work creating some initial concepts

Project Moodboard

Project Moodboard

Initial concepts for the brandmark

Initial concepts for the brandmark


From the beginning, it was clear that we needed to incorporate the cast iron skillet, since it's Nina's go-to cooking tool. Through a few rounds of sketches, I decided to use the skillet as the main visual element.


It was important that the branding read as more than just a food blog, so we ended up calling out both of the site's functions in the primary brand mark: The Food Joy: Recipes / Reviews. Once this was decided, the history of the cast iron skillet really played a big part in the creation of the rest of the logo and helped reinforce the style that I was working with. 

As far back as the 1700's, cast iron skillets have been branded on the bottom of the pan with their respective company trademarks. I took inspiration from a few historic cast iron trademarks to base lettering on for The Food Joy logo. 


I wanted a logo that spoke to my blog and Morgan really took the time to research my content and understand my design goals. I just love the personalized feel of my logo as well as the personal attention that was devoted to creating it. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and hope to use this logo for the duration of my blog! I highly recommend Bild Creative to anyone looking for professional, creative and quality work!
— Nina Simon,