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Sturtevant Law: Corporate Branding Case Study


Sturtevant Law is the legal practice of Brittney Sturtevant, located in the East Bay of Northern California. 


After working on the legal side of a major company, Brittney decided to leave the 9-5 and open her own legal practice. Brittney came to me to create the brand for her legal practice, and I was more than excited to work with her and create something modern & refreshing in a very traditional industry. 


Sturtevant Law needed a cohesive branding system that would carry through printed legal documents, marketing materials, website and the physical offices. A set percentage of the work that Sturtevant Law takes on is dedicated to modest means individuals, helping those who don't qualify for free legal services and can't afford to pay the standard rates for quality representation. This encouraged an approachable and modern look for the branding elements. 


We don't tend to equate law firms with progressive design or user-friendliness, and this was reinforced through a closer examination of the industry and competitors. There is a very serious, traditional look across much of the industry, but Sturtevant Law is in the business of helping people and as such, we needed to develop a more positive visual brand whilst maintaining professionalism. 


It was clear through our initial meetings that we needed to steer clear of any generic law symbols such as scales, mallets, etc. 

Brittney focusses a lot of attention on research, making sure that she has a thorough handle on all aspects of her work. With this in mind, I started sketching a few directions out incorporating books. 

Final Solution:

I switched gears to create a bolder, badge-style brand mark as the hand-drawn direction didn't present as strong as it needed to be. To modernize and soften the badge, I chose a smooth, sans-serif typeface and incorporated the playful book and glasses monoline icon in the center.