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Trust the Process

Currently growing a design team at Yelp in San Francisco, connecting humans with great local businesses at scale. 

Previously, I was the Senior Manager of Product Design at, a $64M venture-backed e-commerce platform challenging the CPG industry where I worked on the core product, internal tools, design system and founded the UX Research practice.

Prior to that, I was the Product Design Manager at Educents, a $13M-funded edtech marketplace platform where I worked on the consumer and seller side experience and spent over 12 years building the lifestyle clothing brand, After Eleven.

I am passionate about solving real, complex, problems that deliver user value and business results. In my spare time, you can find me in the water, powerlifting or buried in medium articles. 

Her leadership and push towards design-centered thinking was what brought Educents to the next level. There was no job or project that was too big or difficult for Morgan to complete and the solution was typically beyond my expectations. Her research-based design has left a legacy at Educents.
— Kaitlyn Trabucco, COO & Co-Founder at Educents
I worked with Morgan on a daily basis and witnessed firsthand her remarkable ability to bring together divided stakeholders and inspire everyone to work towards a common vision. As a mentor she is calm, patient, and eager to share her superb knowledge of user experience and design. As a team member she is hardworking, organized, and eager to learn from others.
— Davin Kunovsky, UX Researcher at TCI
She has a strong product instinct, great work ethics and the drive to work on fighting for our users (in our cases both the supply and demand). She laid the foundation for our user research team at Educents and has been incredible at incorporating data and user feedback into her designs to improve the customer experience.
— Madhura Khedkar, Product Manager at OpenTable